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Are you interested in carrying our products for your business?

Wholesale and delivery options are available! Call for more details at (773)654-3117 or fill out the form below

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Do your products contain peanuts?

None of our products contain peanuts or peanut oil. Allergens that are present in our products are soy, dairy, wheat, eggs, and coconut flakes.

Do your products contain other common food allergens that I should know?

Our products contain soy, dairy, wheat, eggs, and coconut flakes.

Do you offer delivery for wholesale?

We may be able to offer delivery if your place of business is along our route. If we are able to accommodate, we would need a key or lockbox code. Delivery charge dependent on location. 

Do you have an order minimum?

Our minimum order for pick up is 2 dozen. For delivery the minimum is 4 dozen.

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